Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chameleon :o)

So, I've been asked a million times, what I looked like with blonde hair... so I decided to show you guys the different hair colors I've tried. Let me know what you think! :o)

Firstly, my platinum blonde hair.<>

Secondly... my more "natural" blonde hair.

Getting darker...

Almost there...

... and finally, my current dark brown color.

I have fun changing my hair color depending on where I am in my life. I do it through careful processes, not just from one day to the next. Gotta love being a chameleon :o)


  1. I love you current the most. Have you ever thought of a red or burgandy brown?

  2. Is the most recent color the perfect 10 hair dye or another type?

  3. i LOVE your dark brown hair! i've been blonde for awhile now and i think that's the color i might dye it. i saw that you've lightened it now; which also looks awesome =)

  4. you look the best with brown hair :)