Saturday, September 26, 2009

New hair color?

Sorry it's been a minute since I have posted. I had a long week at my new job and I've just been exhausted! I'm going to try to update more frequently though!

So... I'm debating on whether or not I should change my hair color. I've had it dark brown for a year and a half, which is a long time for me to keep one color, and it's getting annoying having to dye my blonde roots all the time! Lol.

I was at my friend's place, and she had a magazine sitting on the table and this pic was on the cover...

It's Olivia Wilde on the cover of GQ (who's absolutely gorgeous!) and her hair color is a much more natural looking brown and much closer to my natural color.

I honestly think this might look better with my coloring/features but I'm still debating! Let me know what you think! ;o)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

New home :o)

Wow... I am in love with my new city! :o)

Sooo much to do, so many interesting people, it's exciting! Not to mention I have a siiiiick view from my apartment. Will do a new apartment tour soon! More youtube videos/tutorials coming soon!

Hope everyone is doing well!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chameleon :o)

So, I've been asked a million times, what I looked like with blonde hair... so I decided to show you guys the different hair colors I've tried. Let me know what you think! :o)

Firstly, my platinum blonde hair.<>

Secondly... my more "natural" blonde hair.

Getting darker...

Almost there...

... and finally, my current dark brown color.

I have fun changing my hair color depending on where I am in my life. I do it through careful processes, not just from one day to the next. Gotta love being a chameleon :o)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Birthday Fun-ness!

Wow, another birthday come and gone. Unfortunately mine was a bitter-sweet one considering it was also my "going away" party. Sad to say goodbye to good friends but ready for new adventures. Check out my sweet, paying homage to the 80's when I was born, outfit!

"Fashion Issue", off the shoulder, shirt and black leggings are compliments of the always fabulous Forever 21, and the wicked tall boots (which can also by folded over) are from Charlotte Rouse.


A quick apology for my absent video making! As a said in my last video, I am in the process of moving out of state and it is indeed a PROCESS... but, next weekend, I should be settled in my new apartment and able to start making some more tutorial videos! (AND of course a new apartment tour!)

Also, I have chosen a winner for the August contest and I will let you all know soon, promise! I am waiting to receive the coastal scents palette in the mail so I can send off the gifts to the winner! Stay tuned for that video :o)

New Blog! :o)

Soooo I decided to start a blog so I can keep in better contact with all my youtube subscribers. If I have something I need to say, I don't always have time to make a video, edit it, and upload it, but it's simple for me to just get on here and talk to you all. I'll post videos on here, stories, random happenings throughout my day, etc. I hope you all enjoy a sneak peak into my life! :o)